A Fresh Look

As a goal for 2015 I am focused on investing more energy in marketing my business (while still maintaining my clients, of course). A bit selfish, perhaps, but I have been the graphic designer without a functioning website or even a business card that I am proud of (like the old saying – the cobbler’s kids have holes in their shoes – etc. etc.). Like many small businesses, I get so wrapped up in my client’s needs that I forget to move forward and think about the next step for me. This blog kbulldesign is the start of something new that I have never tried (I know, I know, blogs are sooo 2004), but with it I hope to connect with some new clients and do a better job of keeping in touch with my current ones. I hope you’ll follow along (please excuse my overuse of exclamation marks)!

In addition to the birth of this little blog, I have also spent several late evenings/early mornings experimenting with some new designs for Pretty Lil’ Notes (in case you were wondering, the snow days did not help my progress)! My goal is to establish a cleaner, more polished look that is consistent throughout the shop and establishes my brand. I also want there to be some consistency among the items so it is easy for visitors to browse and find what they need.

So, here goes… I currently have 146 items and I plan to revise and freshen up every last one. Keep your eye out, because I also hope to add some new sections including birthday cards, graduation invitations, engagement and baby announcements, to name a few. Here is a sneak peek of one of my favorite sets.  Happy Weekend! – Kendra



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