Something Old and Something New…

Something “new” is a frequent request from brides when it comes to their wedding invitation design. They want unique and fresh, something that hasn’t been done before. They want it to wow. The challenge is also that they often still want it to feel like a traditional wedding invitation (perhaps this is the mother of the bride speaking), which leaves it up to me to find a balance between old and new.

Sometimes a playful monogram or pop of color can make even the simplest of invitations stand out from the crowd and give it a new look.  My shop is filled with simple and traditional invitation design, but with a fresh twist. A new take on something old. This allows a couple the opportunity to add personal touches such as a custom envelope liner, shimmering ribbon or beautifully printed calligraphy fonts on rich kraft envelopes.

Here is a peek at a few of my favorites for the upcoming fall and winter wedding season from my Pretty Lil’ Notes Shop that are just waiting for that personal touch.  I hope they inspire cozy sweaters, warm fires and mugs of hot chocolate…


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