Annual Review: Chestnut Health Systems

A few years ago, I completed an annual review for Chestnut Health Systems and it remains one of my favorite pieces in my portfolio.  Developing a business brand identity from scratch is no easy task, but sometimes it can be just as challenging to develop a single piece that complements an existing brand that marries well with other items (especially when you are a freelance designer with little knowledge of the company – Google to the rescue!).

When I work with a new client, I start by getting acquainted with what they have produced in the past, and what they like and dislike about those pieces. Much of their marketing collateral conveys a warm and inviting sense that you, or your loved one, will be taken care of at Chestnut. They achieve this by using soft imagery, smiling faces and an upbeat tone in all print copy and communications.  I jumped right in and developed three separate cover designs experimenting in imagery, color and font in order to give each concept a unique look and feel and try to narrow down what the Chestnut marketing folks were drawn to.

See what you think about the options I presented and their final selection below. The result was a beautiful 16 page 8.5 x 11 booklet printed on a matte suede finish stock (it feels as luxurious as it sounds!). All stock photography and design was sourced and completed by yours truly.











(suspense building teaser space)





THE WINNER – Would this be your pick?

Print Is Not Dead

In our world of social media, hashtags, digital billboards and blasts (the email kind, not the sneak up on your sister with a super soaker kind from when I was a kid), I do strongly believe there is still room in our lives for print. I love opening my mailbox and discovering what’s inside, no matter if it is merely a reminder to vote or a birthday card from my grandma. I open everything. To find out exactly what the “Special Offer Inside” just might be and to learn a little more about a business or person that has caught my eye.

Many of my clients are making their way into people’s homes through memorable print pieces. Can you even recall a single ad that was stacked along the side of your favorite website this morning? What about the last email blast that intrigued you enough to open it? I do not discount the importance of online marketing, but it is generally a very broad net that is cast and they all seem to run together after awhile, don’t they? I am betting that when a design piece appears in your mailbox that intrigues you, you pick it up and read it. Heck, you might even tack it up on your bulletin board at work or carry it around in your purse so you can see it every day when you reach for your phone. How’s that for touchpoints?

Yes, sending something printed in the mail the old fashioned way does take a bit more time and effort than simply updating a facebook page, but it is an often undervalued and missed opportunity to communicate directly to clients, a specific message, in their own homes (how else would you achieve this, aside from going door to door like the Avon Lady?).

I believe in the power of print and here are a few of my clients who do, too.

Crowne Realty, LLC
Monthly Newsletter “The Crowne Jewel” Trifold Mailer
Distributed to past and present Crowne Realty, LLC home buyers and sellers


Holly Baumann Photography
Postcard campaign promoting product, commercial, event and business photography
Distributed to current and potential local business clients