Ethnographic (double points if you know this word) Film Series Poster

I love new clients. I have recently been contracted to complete a few design projects for Illinois State University (my alma mater). I am thrilled to work with their design department, which happens to include a former graphic design classmate of mine (way back in the late 90’s)!?!  We learned Photoshop together, and this is a bond that is not easily broken…

I just recently completed a poster project for the sociology and anthropology department, promoting their ethnographic film series. Admittedly, I had to Google ethnographic to find out what it was, but after learning a bit more I found the films to be quite intriguing. Perhaps I might go sit in on the series to learn more for myself. I could be a graduate student on her 12th year of studies… I would totally blend.

The 11″ x 17″ poster will be printed internally (hooray for not having to collect quotes!) and distributed throughout campus. I am interested to see the color quality of the collages I created from film stills online, and get a better feel for the piece on paper (a completely different experience than what I see on my screen). There is just something about holding a piece that I created that I love…


Who wants to sneak back on campus and watch this series with me?
– Kendra