Enough with winter already…

Being in the doldrums of a midwestern winter, I find that my most recent invitation designs lean toward beachy scenes, fresh florals and bright colors (no surprise there, it is February and I live in Illinois after all).  Just sharing a sneak peek of the newest wedding invitation designs to hit my Pretty Lil’ Notes shop for 2016 (and over here dreaming of sand, surf and sun). These will just have to do for now. Visit http://www.prettylilnotes.com to see pricing and customization options.

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Every Great Event Starts With A Great Invitation.

So, after a brief hiatus from my blog during the busy wedding season… it is now time to refocus for next year. Lately I have been interested in reaching out to other businesses in the wedding industry, and finding ways to help each other. My idea is that they could add “invitations” as part of their services, make a bit more cash as a reseller of my product, and I receive a more consistent stream of work by being their go-to designer (that’s a win-win right?).

With this in mind, I sent a batch of samples to wedding and event planners in Central Illinois, hoping to form a referral network and build awareness for my business.  Rather than a standard brochure/flyer design, I adjusted one of my favorite invitation designs to contain everything about my business that I want others to know (the whole kill two birds with one stone sorta thing). I also included an RSVP, much like that in a wedding invitation, that enables them to return the card to me, containing their contact information and level of interest in my services. If they also decide to send a gift, I would be thrilled!

Here is the sample invitation I mailed this week, containing everything they might want to know about Pretty Lil’ Notes. I hope that these sample packs will open the door to a great working relationship with others in the wedding industry.


It was also a great reminder of how much work it is to stuff all those envelopes (this is where bridesmaids would come in handy).


Pretty Lil’ Notes New Items for Spring

I have been spending the last week or so refreshing my Pretty Lil’ Notes shop and have some new designs to introduce, perfect for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, thank you notes and personal stationery. A peek at a few of my favorites:





Visit www.prettylilnotes.com to browse the entire collection! Message me if you have a custom idea in mind, I would love to hear from you! Thanks for looking – Kendra

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The holidays were hectic, as I am sure they were for all of you, but I had one special project that warmed my heart I wanted to share. A woman contacted me through my etsy shop Pretty Lil’ Notes in early December about my line of Christmas ornaments and had a unique request. She recently moved to Japan with her military husband and kids, and had the tradition of sending handmade ornaments to her entire family every Christmas. Being so far away with limited supplies, she requested that I create my handmade ornaments with photos of her two boys, and mail them on her behalf. I was thrilled to do so! It was really special to be writing “NaNa and PaPa” and “Auntie Beth” on the envelopes just as she would, knowing the smiles these simple ornaments would bring to their faces when received.

I print and hand punch these ornaments on a super thick Bristol stock (it is a loud process, but well worth it) and tie with silver ribbon for hanging. Although the holidays have passed, I just received another ornament order from a mom hoping to give one to each child in her son’s class… the catch is that she wants me to print a class photo of all 19 kids on each ornament (this is no easy task), but I am up to the challenge. I imagine this is how the Duggars feel when they do family portraits and try to frame them.

– Kendra