179 Years And Counting…

The First Baptist Church of Bloomington, IL was established in 1837. In case you are terrible at math, that was a really long time ago. A friend of mine has the honor of being the lead pastor for this long standing, well respected congregation and he asked me to consider developing a fresh logo as they near their 180th anniversary.

Previous branding attempts resulted in a hodge podge of logos, in a variety of colors and fonts, which resulted in an inconsistent brand that left people confused about their identity.  Bloomington could quite possible have a church on every corner (which is a wonderful thing) but if FBC wanted to continue another 179 years, they felt it very important to stand out in the crowd, and that a strong brand was the first step (I agreed).

After a few discussions and a marketing analysis, I began design. My initial direction was a more traditional route, using iconic religious graphics such as crosses, doves, leaves etc., but if our goal was for them to stand out in the crowd, would that cut it? The answer was clear from the first moment I drove up to the grand brick building. Two enormous, beautifully crafted, round stained glass windows greet you as you drive into the property. The real treat is viewing these windows from the inside… The moment you walk through the doors, the space is filled with a rose hued light that emanates from these windows. No offense to my friend (the pastor), but I wonder how many in the congregation get lost in the beauty of these windows during Sunday sermon…?

I began to develop a simple, yet eye catching graphic version of these windows to be incorporated into their new branding. I suggested a jewel toned color scheme, and simplified font that is modern and easy on the eyes. A few other marketing items are currently in the works, including a welcome brochure, information board and newspaper print ad (sneak peak below). Web and social media campaigns are also underway to bridge the gap between the old and the new. It is exciting to be a part this beloved church’s transformation as they turn over a new leaf in our community.


Home Is Where The Heart Is

The holidays were hectic, as I am sure they were for all of you, but I had one special project that warmed my heart I wanted to share. A woman contacted me through my etsy shop Pretty Lil’ Notes in early December about my line of Christmas ornaments and had a unique request. She recently moved to Japan with her military husband and kids, and had the tradition of sending handmade ornaments to her entire family every Christmas. Being so far away with limited supplies, she requested that I create my handmade ornaments with photos of her two boys, and mail them on her behalf. I was thrilled to do so! It was really special to be writing “NaNa and PaPa” and “Auntie Beth” on the envelopes just as she would, knowing the smiles these simple ornaments would bring to their faces when received.

I print and hand punch these ornaments on a super thick Bristol stock (it is a loud process, but well worth it) and tie with silver ribbon for hanging. Although the holidays have passed, I just received another ornament order from a mom hoping to give one to each child in her son’s class… the catch is that she wants me to print a class photo of all 19 kids on each ornament (this is no easy task), but I am up to the challenge. I imagine this is how the Duggars feel when they do family portraits and try to frame them.

– Kendra